Important Things You Should Know Before Flying a Drone02/01/201926/12/2018Randy Mason
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If you are planning to buy a drone, you must understand that there are rules that govern the flying of drones. Do not assume that since you have the machine, you can use it anyhow and wherever you need. There are state laws which differ with states, and it is essential to familiarize yourself with the drone laws of your country. Below are things you should know about flying a drone. Read on.

Understand the Difference Between Commercial and Hobby Use

drone photographyYou should get your difference from what the federal government defines it to be. The Federal Aviation Administration regulates flying drones. According to the law, if you are making money flights with your drone, then that is commercial use. Such flights could include, charging people to watch, paid drone photography, posting drone videos online and any other drone activity that brings you money.


Flying your drone without insurance is ignorant. If you are operating the drone for commercial use, you should benefit from the exceptions and permits given to commercial fliers, which come with protection against criminal or civil consequences.

Consider Non-Participating Audience and Personal Property

It is not advisable to photograph or fly over non-participating people. If you are flying a drone over a private property, seek consent from the owners. All this is for your safety, and it will protect you from violating any flying rules and regulations.

Flying Inside

There might not be set rules and govern indoor flying of drones, but you must be careful. If you cause accidents indoors, you will be charged with laws related to public endangerment. Imagine flying a drone indoors during a concert or basketball game? Logically thinking it is not advisable nor a good choice.

Tennessee Law

No drone symbolThe Tennessee law prevents the use of drones for surveillance on private property and above events with more than 100 people without their permission. Many people are careful with flying drones over events but did you know that you could be charged with trespassing form flying a drone over private property? You should research and understand all these laws before owning a drone to avoid landing yourself into prison.

If you were thinking of buying a drone, but you did not understand that there are guidelines to follow, pause to familiarize yourself with the laws governing flying of drones to avoid making federal mistakes.