Reasons to Buy a New Kayaking Paddle23/12/201803/01/2019Randy Mason

If you have been kayaking for some time, you have probably learned about the different paddle types. A time comes when you need to advance and getting a new gear is the right way to do it. For kayaking enthusiasts, a new paddle feels like a new toy.

It can transform your kayaking experience because you get to experience something new. There are different types of kayaks and it is quite understandable  if you’re confused about which one to buy. The idea is to make sure that you buy a paddle that feels good and looks good. Here are some reasons to buy a new kayaking paddle:

Upgrade to a Better Material

green paddleIn case you have been using your paddle for a long time, it might be time to get a new one. Most of the people start with cheap and plastic paddles. Plastic paddles are good for beginners but they are not good for the long run.

After using your cheap paddle for a long time, you might want to change it to a new one. Upgrading to a new and better paddle is the best way to advance your skills and explore what you can do.

You Want to Explore Different Uses

If you have been kayaking for fitness, there are chances that you only have one paddle. In case you want to start exploring other forms of kayaking, it is time to get a new paddle.

The type of paddle that you choose will depend on the activities that you want to do. If you’re going to start kayaking for recreational or touring purposes, consider getting a new paddle.

Your Paddle Has Chipped

yellow paddleThis is one of the most logical reasons to get a new paddle. In case you have been using your paddle for a long time, there are chances that it will start chipping.

There is no fun in using a paddle that looks old and worn out. Replacing the paddle with a new one will make you confident when kayaking. After using the kayak for some time, you need to replace it.

You Need a Functional Paddle

Functionality is everything when it comes to a paddle. There is no point in having a beautiful paddle that will not serve your purpose well.

If you feel that your current paddle is no longer serving you well, consider getting a new one. A good paddle should be lightweight and it should float easily.