Data collection methods have been continuously evolving. There are many approaches used in collecting data. In most instances, accuracy and convenience determine the method used. Mobile data collection is a relatively new data collection method, which has attracted vast interest owing to its reliability and effectiveness in data collection and interpretation. What is mobile data collection? Mobile data collection is primarily conducting a survey using mobile apps, SMS, or by voice. Another big question is – where can this technology be used?

Sectors using mobile data collection


Construction industry

Construction industries can significantly benefit from mobile data collection methods. As such, top management or officials can use mobile data collection methods to monitor and audit the construction process. Supervisors on the ground are now able to upload real-time data. Collecting data serves on time to ensure that everything goes on as planned and that any mistakes are detected early. Through data collection apps, constructions officials no longer have carry bulky papers.

Market researchers

Mobile data collections either by SMS, calls, or even mobile apps have taken the place of traditional market survey methods. You do not have to take to the streets to get market data anymore. Thanks to mobile data collection methods, it is now uncommon to see someone with lots of paper asking questions. The other good thing about mobile data collection is that it reduces time wasted moving around and other associated costs.

Geology and archeology

AQsdxdQAGeological surveys are done for exploration works or archeology. Traditionally, data collection was done on paper. This method was somehow cumbersome considering that one has to carry the papers used all along. Mobile data collection methods have taken this burden off the shoulders of most surveyors. Officials in the company also stand to benefit as they are now able to get real-time updates about any development in the field.

Environmental Agencies

Most environmental agencies conduct frequent field operations. They might be monitoring things like pollution levels, waste disposal, human-wildlife conflicts and much more. Manual data collection can be laborious especially when they need lots of information. Thanks to mobile data collection process, the whole process is a lot easier. The data obtained can be exported easily to data analysis software for interpretation.

These are just some of the many industries that have embraced mobile data collection. If you are yet to give it a try, you have every reason to try it soon. Gone are the days of paper-based data collection methods!